Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hey family and friends.
its been a really really great week. 
Let me just say that member missionary work is the best way to see real results. Here's a little story for you:

4 weeks ago, a member from Roskilde shows up in the Frederiksberg ward with a friend. The member had written his testimony in a book of mormon and given it to this friend, and said friend agreed to see what church was like. We meet him, he stays for the whole block of meetings and likes it alot. Comes to institute at the young adult center that week. Comes to church again on sunday, and institute again. We try to meet with him more often during the week but he is very busy. We stay in close touch, and he continues coming to church and various activities at the center for young adults. The young adults are great in greeting him and inviting him to play basketball and answering his questions about the church. We find time to meet before institute and teach lessons sometimes, but not as often as we want. He's a busy guy. But he comes to church for the third time last sunday, followed by FHE, institute, and conference this weekend. He had an amazing experience at conference. He was really touched by the spirit and the depth of what was being said. He came to the saturday morning, priesthood, and sunday morning sessions. After the last session, he turns to us and says that he can see and feel why President Monson is the prophet. He looks at us again and says, "what do you want me to do?" 
We'll be meeting with him tomorrow to set a baptismal date. The power of members and the spirit is really all that is needed in missionary work. We have barely had the chance to meet and teach him, at all. But he has a testimony and is brave enough to follow it.

Go tell someone about how general conference helped you this weekend. The church is true. 

Speaking of conference, i haven't even seen the last session. We'll watch it tomorrow morning online i think. Were there really no new temples announced this year? Weird. but 30 under construction, that's pretty cool. We actually watched the saturday and sunday morning sessions live, from 6-8 at night on saturday and sunday. Sunday morning we watched priesthood session, and sunday midday we watched the saturday afternoon session. Cool to think that we were actually doing the same thing for 4 hours this weekend! It's not often that we can say that. 
But conference was fantastic as usual. I really got alot out of it this time around. 

Also got a chance to go do a session in the temple on saturday! It was really really cool. Beautiful little temple. A very memorable experience for sure. 

hope you all enjoyed conference! Next time, invite somebody! 
love you guys lots. Things are still going well here, same 'ol same ol. Life is good.

med kærlig hilsen,
ældste wooden

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Familier og Venner!
It's been a good weekend. Long though. The trip up to f-havn again took a long time but was definitely worth it. Jason (not his real name) is doing great. It's pretty cool to see how the gospel can affect someones life. It has a different influence on us all. J is a whole different person from the first time I saw him. He's got a direction and vision for his life now. He's saying that he really doesn't want to return to his own country anymore, because he feels like there's no future for him there. He says its too dangerous and the opportunities are much better in the states or in denmark. He wants to study at byu at move to the states. I think seeing all of the families at church and their joy, he understands the bigger plan in life. He's got goals and a vision now, and its pretty remarkable. There's also rumor of Cornelius (definitely not her real name), the other girl who was baptized in frederikshavn, wanting to go to byu and on a mission herself. Well she's acually told me both of those things, so i guess its not really a rumor. But yeah, ikkedesomindre (nonetheless), their solid. The church is true.
gotta jet, we have a special assignment to do as a part of præsidents farewell. Shhhhhh. Can't mention it here unless he's reading. haha but it'll take some time.
Gotta run. love you all!
ældste logan wooden

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey ya'll
So. Another few weeks down. Time just cruises right along.
Its been one of the harder weeks to get through, but not a bad one... if that makes sense? Tough, but do-able.
We've got two investigators right now who are really great guys. Both young danes, curious about the church, but from very different angles. One is a friend of a member over in Roskilde, and is really a cool guy. He's very interested in finding out who he really is, and how to fulfill his potential in life, but still very down to earth. We've had some very thought-provoking conversations, having to do with danish philosophers and religion and all kinds of deep stuff. But its pretty inspiring. Its made me think alot about my goals in life and what I want to accomplish. We should be playing basketball with him sometime next week too, so thats a plus. haha Who says missionary work can't be fun.
The other is very interested in the history of the church, the restoration, and salt lake city. He's a cool kid. Hopefully he'll come to CUV tonight. Its the Young-Adult Center in copenhagen, i'm not sure if i've talked about it already, but it's such a huge help in missionary work. The youth here are a strong example to me. They've got fire in their testimonies that even denmark cant put out.
We worked hard this week. Lots of long hours talking to lots of people. Had some interesting conversations... Muslims like to argue, and so did a few danes who believe in the trinity. I was condemned to hell by random poeple on the street on various occasions this week because of my beliefs, so that was also interesting. Most of the time because they thought we were the FLDS polygamists, so i forgive them. haha A big problem in our work is Warren Jeffs. A ton of people think that he is our prophet and that we're wackos that marry 10 year old girls with old men. Its pretty frustrating. You can usually tell, because as soon as the book of mormon is mentioned in a conversation, their eyes get all big and they walk away muttering things about mormons, polygamy, and cults. Its really depressing sometimes, but every now and then we get the chance to explain. Every now and then.
The weather's really taking a turn for the better. Its quite pleasant to be outside most of the time. A couple more weeks and we'll be warm for good. Looking forward to it.
Hope all is well with ya'll! Write me! And if you do, don't use the Søndergade address in Frederikshavn. its old. Use the Borups Allé address in Frederiksberg, thats where i live now.
I må ha' en god uge!
venlig hilsen,
ældste wooden

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey all
All is well this week. Still working hard to find people to teach. We have a few potentials right now but still shakin' that sifter to see what we can get. That's kinda what it feels like most of the time. Sifting around, trying to find the diamond in the rough. Alladin style.

But first of all-- heartbreaking news. We found out this week that our mission president's mission is being shortened from a three year to a two year mission. That means he goes home at the end of June! We're all pretty crushed. President Andersen is danish! He understands what the culture and people need. He's amazing. I've never met a man that demands one's respect in such humble way. I was really looking forward to working with him for pretty much the rest of my mission. I'm quite bummed. There is a specific reason why he's being released, but we don't know. He can't tell us. We all think its area presidency or he's getting called to the 70 or something, but he said it wasn't becuase he has a new calling. So we're all a little confused. But I have no doubt i will see his face talking out of the television one day at general conference. Without a doubt. All we know about the new president is that he's named elder Cederhall and from arkansas and served a mission here 30 years ago. AKA, he doesn't speak danish well and is american. Neither of which seem to make sense for this misssion. I know that's harsh and mean, but i'm just still confused about how this is going to benefit the mission. Its going to be a huge change, that's all we know. Everything we know will change. We've really got a direction and purpose as a mission right now that præsident has been working hard to establish, and now its all going who knows where. Agh. I'm sure the new president is extremely qualified and mission-president quality, but its just going to be tough. alot is going to change and we're all pretty nervous about it. on top of that 8 missionaries go home at the same time præsident leaves, which is most of our leadership in the mission right now. So like I say, just major changes. 

That's the majority of my thoughts lately. Who knows what's going to happen. But things are going well. the work is picking up in the new area, almost got it up and running. Spring is almost upon us and Copenhagen is a good place to be. 

Love you all, thanks for all the support. 
Ældste wooden

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

hey all!
It's been another good, busy week in Copenhagen. It ends up we didn't get to go to the ruins last week, we ended up exploring downtown copenhagen and nyhavn instead. But we had a great time. This week has been full of finding hours... putting in a lot of time talking to people on the street and visiting members and getting to know the area. Its tough, it really feels like we're building from the ground up. We've got nothin but a foundation right now, but we're hoping this week is the week where everything starts to snowball.
It's a completely different work on this side of the country. People are busier and generally more rude in the big city. So we're trying to figure out how to work effectively. Its coming along though, slowly but surely.
As for the area, I'm really loving it. The CUV center and ægetpar are great, lots of missionaries in the surrounding neighborhoods, and the city is just a fun place to be. I'm hoping I'm here for a while. We actually met up in Søborg this morning and played basketball. The church building is very american- cultral hall, basketball court, kitchen, the whole nine yards. So that was a good time. I haven't played basketball in forever though! My shot was a little rusty to say the least.
But, great news-- I'll probably be heading up to Frederikshavn again twice in March! We have two baptisms coming up and i've been asked to be there. I'm really excited. I miss that area a little bit. I'm gonna have to find the funds to make two trips, so we'll see how that goes. But I'm excited. Good times all around.
Something i've come to realize more and more every day is-- big secret-- missions are pretty dang fun. Haha. I'm havin a really good time out here.
So that's about it, not a ton of nyhed today, but its just been a good 'ol working week. Finding where the rubber meets the road. Hope you all are doing well and had a happy valentines day! Its not celebrated too much in Denmark, so that was kind of different.
Gotta run, but i hope all is well, keep me updated with your lives!
med venlig hilsen,
ældste logan wooden

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, it's been quite a week!
Transfers went smooth enough, we had to overnight in Aarhus, where Ældste Broschinsky was serving, and catch a train at 6.30 in the morning to Copehagen, which was a bit of a drag with a ton of luggage, but it all went as smoothly as it could have. Considering that everything i own magically fit into three suitcases, it worked out ok.
We got here and pretty much hit the ground running. This area couldn't be more different, but I love it. I'd forgotten how much I liked big cities. We have a CUV center, which is kind of like an institute building in the states i guess? Its the stake's center for young adults, where we have family home evening and activities and stuff. Its a really nice flat, and its good to see so many young people come! It's fun. We've been to one activity there, a little open house on wednesday night. It was alot of fun. We also have an ægtepar in the area, so that's great! (That's a senior missionary couple.) They run the CUV. And make great food. Always a plus. 
In terms of the work, this week's been quite different. We've pretty much been going by old investigators and less actives, and street contakting as we walk to our next destination, trying to find someone to teach. After 8 hours of this, it's a little tough sometimes. Definitely tries your patience. But thus it is with whitewashing an area. We're building from the ground up. And Rome wasn't built in a day. 
But the overall awesomeness of the area kind of compensates for the hard times. It's one of the coveted areas in the mission. Everything is so close! I can look out my window and see the windows of the mission office on the next floor down and across the way... weird. Funny story actually. I was just chillin in my p-js this morning, playing the uke and eating, and I happen to look out the window next to me and down at the street. Who do I see? President Andersen, just chillin in his car at the stoplight waiting for it to turn green. Whoa. Weird. I quickly turned my attention back to my granola. We only live on the third story, so we could have easily made eye contact, but I don't think he saw me. Not that I was doing anything wrong, its just that quick moment where you double check and make sure you're solid. Kinda like when you see a cop in the lane next to you on the highway. It was funny. Definitely a new area.
We're going to some castle ruins that sit underneath downtown copenhagen today, so that should be cool. Lots of things to do on P-day now!
We use lots of public transportation. A combo of S-tog (subway-ish) the metro (like bart or trax) and buses. Its alot of fun. Big cities are the way to go. I miss F-havn and its hygge, no doubt. But this is definitely fun too. 
More to come!

Ældste Wooden

Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

So... some bittersweet news. I had a gut feeling I would be transferring, and that's exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. I'm heading out. Big bummer, because we have two baptismal dates coming up in March, but I can travel back and see them. So i'm hoping that will be possible and go according to plan. I had to say goodbye to the branch yesterday and it was tough. They're the most tight-knit, hyggelidt branch i've ever seen. I will most definitely be coming back to Frederikshavn one day. Without a doubt.
But now for the exciting news. My new area is Frederiksberg! It might sound similar to Frederikshavn, but I promise, it's only the names that resemble each other. Frederiksberg is a neighborhood in downtown Copenhagen! haha and you'll never guess who my companion will be... Ældste Broschinsky, who was my MTC companion just 4 months ago! I was shocked when president told me. I was like, are you serious? Just us, really? He thinks we're up to the task I guess. We're excited. But it couldn't be more different, let me tell you... Æ. Broschinsky and I will be living with the AP's in their sweet apartment, literally a block away from the mission office and two blocks from the temple and church building. In comparison, I have been walking 30 minutes to get to church in Frederikshavn for the past 4 months. So its going to be very exciting. Lots of change. Big, busy city here we come. Æ. Broschinsky has been serving in Aarhus for the last 4 months, so he knows the big city feel a little better at least. And we're not completely alone either, the AP's and a sister companionship work the same area, but the AP's don't have a ton of time to do peasant work, as you can understand. haha so that's that i guess! I leave tomorrow. I'm already mostly packed.
It's been a great week otherwise. Lots of breakthroughs with investigators. Things are just getting good and now i gotta leave. Its like walking out of TRON with an hour of the movie left. Who does that?
So i will surely have lots to report next week. My world is about to get rocked. Æ. Poulsen was on Amager for 10 months, which is right next to Frederiksberg, and he says its like a whole different mission. I'll be street contacting for about 8 hours a day, and apparently half the people don't speak danish, so i'll have to brush up on my english. hehe
Looks like mom and dad will have to move to a big city like the rest of the family. You back-country folk are just outdated. haha :)
Miss you all, hope all is well.
ældste logan wooden

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hej familie og venner!
All went well this weekend, finally. After that debacle of a week. But its done. Big relief. The baptism went really well. Yeny showed up and was very very tired and very sick at first because she had been in the hosptial for a chemo treatment the day before. We rushed her into a classroom and gave her a blessing, and within about 5 minutes she was perfectly fine, smiling, and energetic enough to make it through the whole two-hour event. It was amazing. I wouldn't believe it if i wasn't there to see it. She started talking to me about how hungry she was, when just 15 minutes before she had serious nausea. Miracles happen. But everything wen't very well after that. It was a beautiful day for everyone there. A day I will never forget.
We had a bit of a surprise on Sunday morning too. We met with our ward mission leader before church, and he said that I was to confirm Yeny, the daughter! I was not expecting this at all. He had told us that she requested elder williamson a week before, but apparently he just misspoke. Because we asked her again and she said she wanted me to do it. Shocker. I'd never done an ordinance or given a blessing in danish before. I was pretty worried my danish wasn't going to be up to par. But I quickly learned the right wording and made it work. I know my grammar and everything wasn't perfect, but it went well enough. I didn't really have time to get nervous, so that was good. It was a really cool experience. I kind of felt bad because willy hasn't had the chance to do that at all on his misison yet, but I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles? I feel very lucky and blessed to have baptised and confirmed someone so early on in my mission. That's rare here.
It was good to hear from all of you! I appreciate the emails and news. I'm impressed that i'm still so in the loop! I appreciate it. I know lots of missionaries here that don't have a clue whats going on at home. But knowing our family I guess i'm not too surprised. I miss talking over the dinner table long after the food has gone cold.
Giants and Pats again? That's lame. I was really gunning for Frisco, naturally. But there's always next year, right?
So Willy hasn't transferred yet actually. He hops on a train to Sønderborg at 12.34. He got permission to stay an extra week for the baptism and confirmation. So that's good. This has probably been the funnest and most productive week of my mission. We've had a trio, with Ældste Poulsen, me, and willy. Poulsen will be my new companion. He's from Dallas, Texas. Stud of a kid. Been out 20 months. I seem to get all the old guys battling chronic trunky-ness, but that's ok. haha it's fun because they know how to work hard and have a good time doing it.
So things are going better than ever over here. Going to have to get used to a new companion and all that jazz but we get along just fine, i'm not too worried.
Hope all is well at home! Miss you all. I think of you and pray for you often.
med kærlig hilsen,
ældste wooden

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Long time no see! It's been a while! Lets just say we've been very very busy.

But good news! We have a baptism this coming Saturday for sure. Its been bumped back a few times just because of the holidays and a few mis-communications but the Mother and Daughter from the Peruvian family are going to be baptised on the 21st. We're still waiting on the son a little. There's a big language barrier and some question about how much longer he will be in Denmark, so baptism isn't making sense right now. But he's got a strong christian faith and likes the vibes he gets from church and when we teach. He just can't understand what we're saying enough for it to stick. But I have no doubt that if he goes back to Peru and finds missionaries he will be a strong member of the church one day. He will just say "OH. That's what they were trying to explain." He's a great kid. I'm gonna miss him a lot. He could be leaving this week sometime, so we'll find out from the immigration office soon. 
The weather isn't too freezing yet here. A little scary actually. Sounds like the whole world is a little warmer than last year. Hmmmm. No snow in utah and not much in sweden or norway either. interesting.
We've been working a lot lately with an 18 year old girl who has been investigating the church for about a year now. That's something notable about the work here. Investigators usually investigate for a looooonngg time. But she's got a testimony and likes church a lot, but our Branch doesn't have any youth her age at all. Everyone is either over 30 or under 15. So its a weird mix. But apart from that she's getting a lot of heat from her parents regarding her joining the church as well. Its helped me to see how big of a process it really is, to convert and change one's lifestyle. Sometimes we forget how hard it can be. Especially if there's no friends or family for that person in church. So open your doors to investigators! befriend them! Its crucial to the growth of the church. Not to mention the blessings that come when we do so.
Something else of note... we acquired a used and cheap orglet this week. That is to say, we got a good 80's electo-organ. haha its made for a great addition to our apartment. I'm brushing the dust off of some my old skills, so its been fun. Thrift stores for the win.
Looking forward to our next potential baptism with a guy from India, who is married to a member of the branch. Just moved in. He's a really cool guy actually. He's been to church about 4 times now and really enjoys it. Super nice, speaks english. Invited us over for indian food this tuesday, so we'll let you know how that goes. We're really excited. he said, "You come home tuesday at seven, I make some grub, and we have a nice talk? How does that sound? Bring your coke in hand, i like it spicy." haha. He's a riot. 
So that's about all i think, I'm trying to hit the high points here... Um yeah I gotta run but I think we're all caught up! News coming soon about this week's dåb!

venlig hilsen,
ældste wooden