Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hey family and friends.
its been a really really great week. 
Let me just say that member missionary work is the best way to see real results. Here's a little story for you:

4 weeks ago, a member from Roskilde shows up in the Frederiksberg ward with a friend. The member had written his testimony in a book of mormon and given it to this friend, and said friend agreed to see what church was like. We meet him, he stays for the whole block of meetings and likes it alot. Comes to institute at the young adult center that week. Comes to church again on sunday, and institute again. We try to meet with him more often during the week but he is very busy. We stay in close touch, and he continues coming to church and various activities at the center for young adults. The young adults are great in greeting him and inviting him to play basketball and answering his questions about the church. We find time to meet before institute and teach lessons sometimes, but not as often as we want. He's a busy guy. But he comes to church for the third time last sunday, followed by FHE, institute, and conference this weekend. He had an amazing experience at conference. He was really touched by the spirit and the depth of what was being said. He came to the saturday morning, priesthood, and sunday morning sessions. After the last session, he turns to us and says that he can see and feel why President Monson is the prophet. He looks at us again and says, "what do you want me to do?" 
We'll be meeting with him tomorrow to set a baptismal date. The power of members and the spirit is really all that is needed in missionary work. We have barely had the chance to meet and teach him, at all. But he has a testimony and is brave enough to follow it.

Go tell someone about how general conference helped you this weekend. The church is true. 

Speaking of conference, i haven't even seen the last session. We'll watch it tomorrow morning online i think. Were there really no new temples announced this year? Weird. but 30 under construction, that's pretty cool. We actually watched the saturday and sunday morning sessions live, from 6-8 at night on saturday and sunday. Sunday morning we watched priesthood session, and sunday midday we watched the saturday afternoon session. Cool to think that we were actually doing the same thing for 4 hours this weekend! It's not often that we can say that. 
But conference was fantastic as usual. I really got alot out of it this time around. 

Also got a chance to go do a session in the temple on saturday! It was really really cool. Beautiful little temple. A very memorable experience for sure. 

hope you all enjoyed conference! Next time, invite somebody! 
love you guys lots. Things are still going well here, same 'ol same ol. Life is good.

med kærlig hilsen,
ældste wooden

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