Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2011

Hvordan gå det?! Hellig ko, I cant believe its onsdag already...
Its been a very quick week, as usual, but a very good one. Our district has been struggling with some health problems here and there that keep popping up, so its been busy. Been hustling around making sure everyone is in one piece and accounted for. Im so ! ready to get outta here. Trying hard to be patient and bide my time, only about a week and a half left at this point. We get our travel plans either tomorrow or friday, so i will let you know as soon as possible. Its hard to believe we are leaving. In a way it feels like we never will. But on the other hand we cant wait, clearly. I think it will actually be tough to leave when it really comes down to it. We have grown so much here and become so close with one another and our instructors. Im not looking forward to saying goodbye. Dont even want to think about it to be completely honest.
Heard about Kenna's finger incident! ouch! hope she is ok. Things like that do happen sometimes i guess. Sounds like she was a little trooper though, hearty-dog or not.
Ummm not sure what else is going on really. Just tired of MTC food and the same 4 walls all day long. It will be good to get out and see the ! real world again.
Oh yeah! So this week I had a bunch of friends from BYU show up, it was awesome! Elders Tanner Green, Jake Hobbs, Avram Twitchell, and Brandon. It was so good to see them. I've missed these guys so much. Elder Green is Zone leader already, the stud. Hobbs, Twitchell, and Brandon are all going to the same mission in Brazil so they'll be here for a little bit waiting on visas. They're classroom is just downstairs from mine, so I get to see them alot. Lots of fun. To be completely honest I can't remember brandons last name right now... its driving me insane. We're talking one of my best friends here. I'm rather embarrassed. But thats what happens when you force a new language, grammar, pronunciation, and new people into your head in a looney bin like the mtc. I'll remember as soon as i send this i'm sure... Sorry brandon from pleasanton. Love you man.
Jeg elsker alle jer!
Hope all is well at home, write me while its easy and free at the mtc! (if your using dearelder i mean)
keep me updated with your lives! Love you lots!

Ældste Logan Wooden
Alma 37:46

ps.  Brandon Barkdull!!!  Got it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uge Seks (week six)
Hello to all! Another week has come and gone in the MTC. We're movin right along, lots of danish and lots of learning still going on. We'll be on the ground in Danmark in 3 weeks! We're gettin pretty excited and ready to get outta here. It's going to be quite an experience. We get our travel plans next friday, so i'll know what flights i'm on and everything. I will keep you updated. Heard from Elder Russel M Nelson at our devotional last night. He gave a special message centered around the October 2011 Ensign. I would encourage everyone to grab a copy, it's pretty phenomenal. It is a special edition centered on the Book of Mormon, and it does a great job of laying out timeline, history, authors, and answering questions about the Book of Mormon. It's seriously fantastic. Elder Nelson wrote an article in it that was great. So yeah, get your hands on it if you can and give it out.
Not really sure what else to say, this week was pretty routine MTC-wise. Work work work, that's about it. I feel like I sleep for about 2 hours and then I'm back at it again... It's a vicious cycle, really. My favoirte joke of the week: "Your mom is so fat, her patronous is a cake." I seriously almost fell out of my chair. We tell alot of really lame jokes here in the MTC, and somehow they're hilarious. We're a little deprived of normal social interaction. But we're havin a good time. Not a ton to report, i guess?? If anybody wants to hear about something specific or has questions, lemme know so I can write about it in the blogstuff. Jeg håb alle er glæde i hjem!
Love you all, miss you lots. Keep me updated with what is going on in all of your lives!
Ældste Logan Wooden
Alma 37:46

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wed. Sept 15, 2011

Goddag! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves wherever you may be reading this. The MTC says hello. We've got a few weeks left here, and things are really starting to pick up. We've learned all of the major g! rammar lessons that the MTC has to offer now, so for the next few weeks its a matter of practice, practice, practice. My letters may become more confusing, so i apologize in advance. We are going to be speaking pretty much zero english. My spelling in english has already gotten pretty rough, as some of you may have noticed by the increasing amount of scribbles and errors... lets just say danish spelling rules and english spelling rules have little in common. We have devised a few games to get us to speak as little english as possible, because the only way to get better at danish is to use it. The best game thus far has been Skamtaske (Bag of Shame). We went to the bookstore and found the ugliest, girliest handbag/scripture case possible, and if you are heard speaking english to another Danish missionary, you get the bag. and you have the bag until you catch someone else speaking english and you pass it on. It's been extremely effective. Skamtakset is purple and floral print, w! ith a danish flag hanging out of it and the word SKAMTASKE emblazoned across the front with Sharpie. its hideous. And really annoying to carry around. it has an old danish/enlish ordbog (dictionary) in it along with random church pamphlets in Georgian and Arabic. But so far we have probably spoken more danish in the past few days than all of our MTC days put together. it's alot of fun. That is the most notable think that comes to mind right now. We heard from Elder M Russel Ballard at the devotional last night, he gave some amazing advice.
I'm happy to be here. I have learned more than I ever thought possible in a shorter time than i thought possible, but I have learned it only happens if you have faith. the term "leap of faith" really means just that. We can accomplish incredible things if we take the risk and work hard.
Miss you all! Hope all is well. We are having m! ail problems here at MTCet right now, so if i don't respond to your letters as quickly as hoped i apologize, its not my fault! haha I'll get back to you very soon. its laundry time, so that means letter time.


Ældste Logan

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wed. Sept. 7, 2011

Hey guys, today marks a grand total of 4 weeks in MTCet.
I always say time is flying but i seriously mean it. We will be on a plane to Danmark før we know it. Learned there may be some mail stoppage from happening soon, so snail mail may be the best way to go for a week or two here? Im not sure, I am sure you can find the details on somewhere. Learned that the mail system between the US and Danmark isnt too bad, it will take 7 to 14 dage each way apparently. Apparently packages actually get to danmark faster than letters d! o, no one really knows why. But note that if you are sending a package, be careful. If its food that has preservatives, dont say that on the customs form. Say its candy or something, because one of our teachers got hit with a 350 dollar fine when his mom sent him Cheetos. Food preservatives are illegal in Danmark, which is why the food is going to be amazing. Apparently the chocolate, cheese, milk, and bread are supposed to be absolutely ridiculous. Im rather excited. And if package contents are valued at over 50 dollars (and you say so), then i will get hit with crazy taxes as well. Everyone says to use the prepaid packages and... ahem... bend the truth on whats inside. Its just not worth the socialist taxes.
But, in any case, Im excited to get out of the MTC... The food is, well, acceptable. Nothing special. We are just going stir crazy in here. Ive been playing alot of soccer lately in gym time as opposed to basketball just to get th! e fresh air. We are inside all day anyways. All the elders from Europe go and play our there, its a ton of fun. Elder Jensen is actually from Danmark so we always talk to him about it, he tells us all the cool stuff to look forward to. And hes a brilliant soccer player. They pretty much all are except the Finn, who is a hockey prodigy in Finland apparently. Lots of cool elders to talk to. Ive realized how much I love just talking to people. Elder Redpath is from England and is going to Georgia, like the country. Speaking Georgian. We dont even have Mormons Bog in Georgian apparently. He is the first missionary in history to have a georgian Forkynd mit Evangelium (Preach my Gospel). Hes got a pretty cool story. Its just lots of fun here once you get used to the schedule and learn how to make your own fun.
Oh yeah, i remember some news now. This week I was asked to be the new District Leader for the Danish District here at the MTC. Our Dist! rict is the 13 of us preparing to go to Denmark, so I have to prepare reports, lead meetings, etc.... Its alot of fun so far. When a group is here for 8 weeks or more they have one member be district leader for the first half (Ældste Singleton) and someone else takes the reins for the second half (me). We just made the change on sunday. Its going to be a neat chance to lead through service. I love my district, theyre awesome. I would do anything for these guys so its my pleasure and honor to lead and serve them.
My computer time is up, so im headin out, but hope all is well! I love and miss you all. If you ever see the missionaries around town, say hi. They are dying just to have a conversation with someone, it doesnt even have to be about church. I promise. Theyre just people.

Må Gud vær med dig alt dage i jeres liv.
Ældste Logan Wooden