Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2011

Hvordan gå det?! Hellig ko, I cant believe its onsdag already...
Its been a very quick week, as usual, but a very good one. Our district has been struggling with some health problems here and there that keep popping up, so its been busy. Been hustling around making sure everyone is in one piece and accounted for. Im so ! ready to get outta here. Trying hard to be patient and bide my time, only about a week and a half left at this point. We get our travel plans either tomorrow or friday, so i will let you know as soon as possible. Its hard to believe we are leaving. In a way it feels like we never will. But on the other hand we cant wait, clearly. I think it will actually be tough to leave when it really comes down to it. We have grown so much here and become so close with one another and our instructors. Im not looking forward to saying goodbye. Dont even want to think about it to be completely honest.
Heard about Kenna's finger incident! ouch! hope she is ok. Things like that do happen sometimes i guess. Sounds like she was a little trooper though, hearty-dog or not.
Ummm not sure what else is going on really. Just tired of MTC food and the same 4 walls all day long. It will be good to get out and see the ! real world again.
Oh yeah! So this week I had a bunch of friends from BYU show up, it was awesome! Elders Tanner Green, Jake Hobbs, Avram Twitchell, and Brandon. It was so good to see them. I've missed these guys so much. Elder Green is Zone leader already, the stud. Hobbs, Twitchell, and Brandon are all going to the same mission in Brazil so they'll be here for a little bit waiting on visas. They're classroom is just downstairs from mine, so I get to see them alot. Lots of fun. To be completely honest I can't remember brandons last name right now... its driving me insane. We're talking one of my best friends here. I'm rather embarrassed. But thats what happens when you force a new language, grammar, pronunciation, and new people into your head in a looney bin like the mtc. I'll remember as soon as i send this i'm sure... Sorry brandon from pleasanton. Love you man.
Jeg elsker alle jer!
Hope all is well at home, write me while its easy and free at the mtc! (if your using dearelder i mean)
keep me updated with your lives! Love you lots!

Ældste Logan Wooden
Alma 37:46

ps.  Brandon Barkdull!!!  Got it.

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