Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uge Seks (week six)
Hello to all! Another week has come and gone in the MTC. We're movin right along, lots of danish and lots of learning still going on. We'll be on the ground in Danmark in 3 weeks! We're gettin pretty excited and ready to get outta here. It's going to be quite an experience. We get our travel plans next friday, so i'll know what flights i'm on and everything. I will keep you updated. Heard from Elder Russel M Nelson at our devotional last night. He gave a special message centered around the October 2011 Ensign. I would encourage everyone to grab a copy, it's pretty phenomenal. It is a special edition centered on the Book of Mormon, and it does a great job of laying out timeline, history, authors, and answering questions about the Book of Mormon. It's seriously fantastic. Elder Nelson wrote an article in it that was great. So yeah, get your hands on it if you can and give it out.
Not really sure what else to say, this week was pretty routine MTC-wise. Work work work, that's about it. I feel like I sleep for about 2 hours and then I'm back at it again... It's a vicious cycle, really. My favoirte joke of the week: "Your mom is so fat, her patronous is a cake." I seriously almost fell out of my chair. We tell alot of really lame jokes here in the MTC, and somehow they're hilarious. We're a little deprived of normal social interaction. But we're havin a good time. Not a ton to report, i guess?? If anybody wants to hear about something specific or has questions, lemme know so I can write about it in the blogstuff. Jeg håb alle er glæde i hjem!
Love you all, miss you lots. Keep me updated with what is going on in all of your lives!
Ældste Logan Wooden
Alma 37:46

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