Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wed. Sept. 7, 2011

Hey guys, today marks a grand total of 4 weeks in MTCet.
I always say time is flying but i seriously mean it. We will be on a plane to Danmark før we know it. Learned there may be some mail stoppage from happening soon, so snail mail may be the best way to go for a week or two here? Im not sure, I am sure you can find the details on somewhere. Learned that the mail system between the US and Danmark isnt too bad, it will take 7 to 14 dage each way apparently. Apparently packages actually get to danmark faster than letters d! o, no one really knows why. But note that if you are sending a package, be careful. If its food that has preservatives, dont say that on the customs form. Say its candy or something, because one of our teachers got hit with a 350 dollar fine when his mom sent him Cheetos. Food preservatives are illegal in Danmark, which is why the food is going to be amazing. Apparently the chocolate, cheese, milk, and bread are supposed to be absolutely ridiculous. Im rather excited. And if package contents are valued at over 50 dollars (and you say so), then i will get hit with crazy taxes as well. Everyone says to use the prepaid packages and... ahem... bend the truth on whats inside. Its just not worth the socialist taxes.
But, in any case, Im excited to get out of the MTC... The food is, well, acceptable. Nothing special. We are just going stir crazy in here. Ive been playing alot of soccer lately in gym time as opposed to basketball just to get th! e fresh air. We are inside all day anyways. All the elders from Europe go and play our there, its a ton of fun. Elder Jensen is actually from Danmark so we always talk to him about it, he tells us all the cool stuff to look forward to. And hes a brilliant soccer player. They pretty much all are except the Finn, who is a hockey prodigy in Finland apparently. Lots of cool elders to talk to. Ive realized how much I love just talking to people. Elder Redpath is from England and is going to Georgia, like the country. Speaking Georgian. We dont even have Mormons Bog in Georgian apparently. He is the first missionary in history to have a georgian Forkynd mit Evangelium (Preach my Gospel). Hes got a pretty cool story. Its just lots of fun here once you get used to the schedule and learn how to make your own fun.
Oh yeah, i remember some news now. This week I was asked to be the new District Leader for the Danish District here at the MTC. Our Dist! rict is the 13 of us preparing to go to Denmark, so I have to prepare reports, lead meetings, etc.... Its alot of fun so far. When a group is here for 8 weeks or more they have one member be district leader for the first half (Ældste Singleton) and someone else takes the reins for the second half (me). We just made the change on sunday. Its going to be a neat chance to lead through service. I love my district, theyre awesome. I would do anything for these guys so its my pleasure and honor to lead and serve them.
My computer time is up, so im headin out, but hope all is well! I love and miss you all. If you ever see the missionaries around town, say hi. They are dying just to have a conversation with someone, it doesnt even have to be about church. I promise. Theyre just people.

Må Gud vær med dig alt dage i jeres liv.
Ældste Logan Wooden

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