Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wed. Sept 15, 2011

Goddag! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves wherever you may be reading this. The MTC says hello. We've got a few weeks left here, and things are really starting to pick up. We've learned all of the major g! rammar lessons that the MTC has to offer now, so for the next few weeks its a matter of practice, practice, practice. My letters may become more confusing, so i apologize in advance. We are going to be speaking pretty much zero english. My spelling in english has already gotten pretty rough, as some of you may have noticed by the increasing amount of scribbles and errors... lets just say danish spelling rules and english spelling rules have little in common. We have devised a few games to get us to speak as little english as possible, because the only way to get better at danish is to use it. The best game thus far has been Skamtaske (Bag of Shame). We went to the bookstore and found the ugliest, girliest handbag/scripture case possible, and if you are heard speaking english to another Danish missionary, you get the bag. and you have the bag until you catch someone else speaking english and you pass it on. It's been extremely effective. Skamtakset is purple and floral print, w! ith a danish flag hanging out of it and the word SKAMTASKE emblazoned across the front with Sharpie. its hideous. And really annoying to carry around. it has an old danish/enlish ordbog (dictionary) in it along with random church pamphlets in Georgian and Arabic. But so far we have probably spoken more danish in the past few days than all of our MTC days put together. it's alot of fun. That is the most notable think that comes to mind right now. We heard from Elder M Russel Ballard at the devotional last night, he gave some amazing advice.
I'm happy to be here. I have learned more than I ever thought possible in a shorter time than i thought possible, but I have learned it only happens if you have faith. the term "leap of faith" really means just that. We can accomplish incredible things if we take the risk and work hard.
Miss you all! Hope all is well. We are having m! ail problems here at MTCet right now, so if i don't respond to your letters as quickly as hoped i apologize, its not my fault! haha I'll get back to you very soon. its laundry time, so that means letter time.


Ældste Logan

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