Friday, October 7, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey guys.
Last week in the MTC! Today is our last p-day, so next time I email you will probably the monday after next, from somewhere in Danmark. I'm extremely excited. It's going to be tough and scary and fun and exciting and awesome. At this point I've heard so much about it and eaten so many meals in the MTC that it's just time to go. We fly out of Salt Lake on monday at 10 am, layover in Minneapolis for about an hour, layover in Amsterdam for about an hour, and then land in Copenhagen at 9:30 am local time, with the whole day ahead of us to meet the president and his wife, practice some contacting in downtown Copenhagen, and get a tour of the city.We get to go and see the original Kristus statue that first night, it's in a church in Copenhagen, with the 12 apostle's statues there as well. That night we meet our trainers, I believe, and go out to our first areas on tuesday and get to work! it's gonna be a blast. Can't wait.
Looking back at my MTC stay, I think I've had it as good as it comes. Awesome companion, good weather (its starting to get cold now), great district, best teachers in the MTC (I'm also going to the coolest mission in the world), got to hear from Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, Elder Nelson, Chad Lewis (former eagles TE) and listen to General Conference. Which was amazing, by the way! After being here for 8 weeks, I have really learned how to listen when it comes to talks and such. I got so much more out of general conference than i ever thought possible. There were some really really great talks. They let us have time to just chill and relax outside an! d stuff between sessions, which was much appreciated. It was just an aweome weekend all around.
Looking forward to getting into the game! I feel like I've been sittin on the bench!
Hope all is well. I miss everyone lots! Sorry my entries have been getting shorter and shorter here, but everything kind of blends together after a while... I will have plenty to write about next time you see me, that's for sure!

Ældste Logan Wooden
Alma 37:46

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