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Monday, March 26, 2012

Familier og Venner!
It's been a good weekend. Long though. The trip up to f-havn again took a long time but was definitely worth it. Jason (not his real name) is doing great. It's pretty cool to see how the gospel can affect someones life. It has a different influence on us all. J is a whole different person from the first time I saw him. He's got a direction and vision for his life now. He's saying that he really doesn't want to return to his own country anymore, because he feels like there's no future for him there. He says its too dangerous and the opportunities are much better in the states or in denmark. He wants to study at byu at move to the states. I think seeing all of the families at church and their joy, he understands the bigger plan in life. He's got goals and a vision now, and its pretty remarkable. There's also rumor of Cornelius (definitely not her real name), the other girl who was baptized in frederikshavn, wanting to go to byu and on a mission herself. Well she's acually told me both of those things, so i guess its not really a rumor. But yeah, ikkedesomindre (nonetheless), their solid. The church is true.
gotta jet, we have a special assignment to do as a part of præsidents farewell. Shhhhhh. Can't mention it here unless he's reading. haha but it'll take some time.
Gotta run. love you all!
ældste logan wooden

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