Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey all
All is well this week. Still working hard to find people to teach. We have a few potentials right now but still shakin' that sifter to see what we can get. That's kinda what it feels like most of the time. Sifting around, trying to find the diamond in the rough. Alladin style.

But first of all-- heartbreaking news. We found out this week that our mission president's mission is being shortened from a three year to a two year mission. That means he goes home at the end of June! We're all pretty crushed. President Andersen is danish! He understands what the culture and people need. He's amazing. I've never met a man that demands one's respect in such humble way. I was really looking forward to working with him for pretty much the rest of my mission. I'm quite bummed. There is a specific reason why he's being released, but we don't know. He can't tell us. We all think its area presidency or he's getting called to the 70 or something, but he said it wasn't becuase he has a new calling. So we're all a little confused. But I have no doubt i will see his face talking out of the television one day at general conference. Without a doubt. All we know about the new president is that he's named elder Cederhall and from arkansas and served a mission here 30 years ago. AKA, he doesn't speak danish well and is american. Neither of which seem to make sense for this misssion. I know that's harsh and mean, but i'm just still confused about how this is going to benefit the mission. Its going to be a huge change, that's all we know. Everything we know will change. We've really got a direction and purpose as a mission right now that præsident has been working hard to establish, and now its all going who knows where. Agh. I'm sure the new president is extremely qualified and mission-president quality, but its just going to be tough. alot is going to change and we're all pretty nervous about it. on top of that 8 missionaries go home at the same time præsident leaves, which is most of our leadership in the mission right now. So like I say, just major changes. 

That's the majority of my thoughts lately. Who knows what's going to happen. But things are going well. the work is picking up in the new area, almost got it up and running. Spring is almost upon us and Copenhagen is a good place to be. 

Love you all, thanks for all the support. 
Ældste wooden

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