Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

So... some bittersweet news. I had a gut feeling I would be transferring, and that's exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. I'm heading out. Big bummer, because we have two baptismal dates coming up in March, but I can travel back and see them. So i'm hoping that will be possible and go according to plan. I had to say goodbye to the branch yesterday and it was tough. They're the most tight-knit, hyggelidt branch i've ever seen. I will most definitely be coming back to Frederikshavn one day. Without a doubt.
But now for the exciting news. My new area is Frederiksberg! It might sound similar to Frederikshavn, but I promise, it's only the names that resemble each other. Frederiksberg is a neighborhood in downtown Copenhagen! haha and you'll never guess who my companion will be... Ældste Broschinsky, who was my MTC companion just 4 months ago! I was shocked when president told me. I was like, are you serious? Just us, really? He thinks we're up to the task I guess. We're excited. But it couldn't be more different, let me tell you... Æ. Broschinsky and I will be living with the AP's in their sweet apartment, literally a block away from the mission office and two blocks from the temple and church building. In comparison, I have been walking 30 minutes to get to church in Frederikshavn for the past 4 months. So its going to be very exciting. Lots of change. Big, busy city here we come. Æ. Broschinsky has been serving in Aarhus for the last 4 months, so he knows the big city feel a little better at least. And we're not completely alone either, the AP's and a sister companionship work the same area, but the AP's don't have a ton of time to do peasant work, as you can understand. haha so that's that i guess! I leave tomorrow. I'm already mostly packed.
It's been a great week otherwise. Lots of breakthroughs with investigators. Things are just getting good and now i gotta leave. Its like walking out of TRON with an hour of the movie left. Who does that?
So i will surely have lots to report next week. My world is about to get rocked. Æ. Poulsen was on Amager for 10 months, which is right next to Frederiksberg, and he says its like a whole different mission. I'll be street contacting for about 8 hours a day, and apparently half the people don't speak danish, so i'll have to brush up on my english. hehe
Looks like mom and dad will have to move to a big city like the rest of the family. You back-country folk are just outdated. haha :)
Miss you all, hope all is well.
ældste logan wooden

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