Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Long time no see! It's been a while! Lets just say we've been very very busy.

But good news! We have a baptism this coming Saturday for sure. Its been bumped back a few times just because of the holidays and a few mis-communications but the Mother and Daughter from the Peruvian family are going to be baptised on the 21st. We're still waiting on the son a little. There's a big language barrier and some question about how much longer he will be in Denmark, so baptism isn't making sense right now. But he's got a strong christian faith and likes the vibes he gets from church and when we teach. He just can't understand what we're saying enough for it to stick. But I have no doubt that if he goes back to Peru and finds missionaries he will be a strong member of the church one day. He will just say "OH. That's what they were trying to explain." He's a great kid. I'm gonna miss him a lot. He could be leaving this week sometime, so we'll find out from the immigration office soon. 
The weather isn't too freezing yet here. A little scary actually. Sounds like the whole world is a little warmer than last year. Hmmmm. No snow in utah and not much in sweden or norway either. interesting.
We've been working a lot lately with an 18 year old girl who has been investigating the church for about a year now. That's something notable about the work here. Investigators usually investigate for a looooonngg time. But she's got a testimony and likes church a lot, but our Branch doesn't have any youth her age at all. Everyone is either over 30 or under 15. So its a weird mix. But apart from that she's getting a lot of heat from her parents regarding her joining the church as well. Its helped me to see how big of a process it really is, to convert and change one's lifestyle. Sometimes we forget how hard it can be. Especially if there's no friends or family for that person in church. So open your doors to investigators! befriend them! Its crucial to the growth of the church. Not to mention the blessings that come when we do so.
Something else of note... we acquired a used and cheap orglet this week. That is to say, we got a good 80's electo-organ. haha its made for a great addition to our apartment. I'm brushing the dust off of some my old skills, so its been fun. Thrift stores for the win.
Looking forward to our next potential baptism with a guy from India, who is married to a member of the branch. Just moved in. He's a really cool guy actually. He's been to church about 4 times now and really enjoys it. Super nice, speaks english. Invited us over for indian food this tuesday, so we'll let you know how that goes. We're really excited. he said, "You come home tuesday at seven, I make some grub, and we have a nice talk? How does that sound? Bring your coke in hand, i like it spicy." haha. He's a riot. 
So that's about all i think, I'm trying to hit the high points here... Um yeah I gotta run but I think we're all caught up! News coming soon about this week's dåb!

venlig hilsen,
ældste wooden

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