Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday, November 15, 2011

Goddag til jer!
It was a tough week in F-havn. Had some great moments and some rough ones. Lots of dropped appointments, flakey people, and cold weather. But some great progress with investigators and just good ol' fun. Such is life I guess right? We win some, we lose some.
Most importantly, we successfully played floorball without any major injuries. Chalk one up for safety first. Williamson will regain full vision in the next two weeks we're hoping. Still a little foggy. David Bowie all the way.
But, exciting news right now. We're looking at a few potential baptisms with Karen and her children, Tyra and Bernard, (All fake names, privacy's sake) right now. They're awesome. From Peru, so language is kind of tough. We teach in a medley of Danish, English, and Spanish. haha its kind of a riot sometimes. But they're awesome. Karen is battling breast cancer right now so we have been keeping really close contact with them and its amazing to see a family grow together in the gospel. I've watched as the church has strengthened this family quite literally. Tyra is 10 and Bernard is 18, and they enjoy church despite the fact its 100% danish... Which is a miracle in and of itself. But Bernard reminds me of Nick and Andrew. haha We're really good friends with him actually. He always comes and plays soccer and floorball with the branch. December 22nd is what were looking at as a possible baptisimal date because its Karen and ældste Williamson's birthday, so that would be a fun little party. Keep them in your prayers.
Everyone is gettin in the Christmas spirit over here, its pretty fun. Danish culture is very social. Everything is about family and friends and who's with. Its fun. Interestingly enough, as a result they dont use brother and sister so-and-so when addressing members of the church. Everything is just first names. Its strange at first but I've grown to like it. Instead of Præsident Christensen, kind of a mouthful, its just Kasper. And last week we had a lunch appointment after church with Ella, this sweet old lady in the branch. I don't even know anyone's last names really. haha But the informalities bring everyone a little closer together, its fun. I'm learning alot about Danish traditions and they're so sweet. Their holiday traditions, birthdays, weddings, you name it. They've got the coolest traditions. Real heritage, not quite like the states. haha But i do miss american soil, i promise i'm not a traitor or anything here...
But I gotta run, we're running out of computer time.
Love you all! Sorry i'm short in writing again this week. Thanks for all the support though. I appreciate your letters and notes and thoughts and prayers. They do not go unnoticed. Oh and if anyone wants to send me anything, use the Søndergade address on this blog. The other address takes way longer. And if you send packages to the other address they just stay at the mission office until the next zone conference or something, which will be a while. So yeah, be sure and send stuff to søndergade. its a good place. you can even stalk me on google maps. haha
med venlig hilsen,
ældste wooden

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