Friday, November 11, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey everyone, its me again from, the north pole.
Its gettin pretty dang cold up here, but wintertime in Denmark is supposed to be pretty sweet so I'm looking forward to it.
We had another interesting week. Haha as usual.
The last few days have been a little slower paced because of some health struggles...
Wednesday night we played floorball (indoor floor hockey, no skates) like we always do, and Ældste Williamson took a wild slapshot to the eye from about 6 yards away. We rushed him out to the bathroom and watched as his blood filled his iris. Usually his eyes are blue but his left one was green/brown. We both said "lets get to the hospital," but all the Branch members were just making fun of us saying that Americans just rush to the hospital for everything. So we waited a little bit to see if we could get things to calm down but his vision continued to deteriorate to the point where he couldnt see his own hand a foot in front of his face. So finally Arna (the member who did the dirty deed) drove us over to the little sygehuset here in Frederikshavn. The doctor took one look at him and said "I can't do anything for you, go to Aalborg." We then realized we were in for a long night. We went over to the ward mission leaders house, I gave Ældste Wililamson a blessing, and then we got picked up by a little government sick transport van. Not really an ambulance, persay. So they drove us down to Aalborg, we talked to our chauffer and he almost took a book of mormon but not quite. Typisk. Then we waited 30 minutes in Aalborg for an "eye specialist." By the time we got to see him it was 00:30. (12:30 am) He administered a basic optometry exam from what i could tell, did a ultrasound to make sure there wasnt any permanent damage, and gave him a bunch of medicine. Anyway, long story short we end up staying the night with Ældsterne in Aalborg and got to bed around 3 am. I woke up the next morning with an awesome head cold, so i'm wrestling with that right now too. Williamson is doing better, but still doesn't have full vision back. We end up finding out he probably got a minor concussion as well. All in all im not too impressed with the doctors I've seen here thus far, but what can you do but hope you dont fik en bod til din øjne.
[I ran out of time bc i had to write president and we have a train to catch but we will probably take a few minutes to write more tomorow. Vi snakkes.]

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